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* for agile change Agents *

Coaching Cocktails

"youre invited" drawn on a cocktail napken

discover the life-changing magic of holding space

open space leadership
a cocktail glass filled with red hot chilies symbolises the lively interactions ahead.

We're Re-Mixing

This is the place to learn Open Space Technology.  If you are creating open space events, you'll want to expand your Open Space Leadship training with us. We'll also help you bring open space principles into your business and community.

We hold space for all change agents in our regular online agile coaching meetups. We're streamlining our media so it's easier for peope all over the world to join our virtual meetups. Please enjoy this preview of our re-mixed results.

We invite you to stay here and discover the life-changing magic of holding space. You always find our regular reprospectives and other meetups at Classic Coaching Cocktails.